LSK president Havi warns leaders against defying the constitution

LSK president Nelson Havi speaking during the function at his Nangili home in Likuyani

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president Nelson Havi has warned politicians and leaders against defying the law and the constitution. He said several leaders in Kenya are ignoring the laid down precepts, adding that the national assembly has also passed laws that go against the wishes of Kenyans.

The LSK president was speaking during a ceremony that was held at his Nagili home in Likuyani sub county in Kakamega County, witnessed and led by elders from the Maragoli community. He was also inducted as a council member.

Harvi further pointed out that the current formation of parliament was unlawful as it hasn’t factored the two thirds gender rule. He revealed he has petitioned Chief Justice David Maraga to advise President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve parliament as the current structure hasn’t put in mind gender issues.

On the matter of effecting Constitutional changes through the BBI, Havi supported activists who moved to court to block proposed changes through the BBI on the premise that certain chapters of the Constitution can’t be amended through a referendum, including Chapters One, Two, Nine among others. “We moved to court because we know the tricks used by politicians who change the constitution in order to favor their interests and we shall not allow it,” said Havi.