Lufwindiri primary in need of infastructure

The school of more than 500 pupils, in Bungoma County Webuye West constituency is in dilapidated state

Lufwindiri primary shool
Classrooms at Lufwindiri primary school

Lufwindiri primary in need of infastructure

Teachers and students from Lufwindiri primary school in Webuye West constituency in Bungoma County learn in a sorry state environment, not conducive for them at all.

West media ambushed the school on Wednesday, we got the teachers and students unaware as teachers were in classrooms teaching, the picture from the outside shows how the students and teachers are roughed up especially when it rains.

The mud-walled school accommodates more than 500 pupils with dusty floors, that has caused them suffer from jiggers and flu that never ends. Some of the pupils are forced to share classes looking in different directions, making it hard for the teachers to teach.

lufwindiri primary school
Lufwindiri primary school pupils in class. the school is in need of infrastructure

We find the school head teacher Madam Scolarstica Mukhwana in one of the classes going on with her every day’s task, on the other end there are bigger holes that you can see the other classroom and what they are doing, teachers and students assume as if there is a wall in between.

She says that it has been hard to cope with the situation but they are forced to, “having a population of more than 500,  and as you can see, there are less classrooms which we are worried can fall on us anytime especially when it rains, we have to send the pupils home before it starts for fear” she explained.

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Mrs. Mukhwana confirms that three classrooms were brought down by the completed el-nino rains, “three classes fall during el-nino rains and since then we had to make pupils share classes, some sitting facing on the front and others facing behind with their teachers, the situation has been so hectic but we are forced to cope” she said.

The school has two pit latrines that are serving all the students, latrines that are in a bad condition, with homemade urinal using banana leaves.

Lufwindiri primary school
A toilet at Lufwindiri primary school in Bungoma county

She says pupils have been affected by jiggers that has forced a number of them to boycott school and stay home, “we have many of our pupils not attending classes because of those blood sucking flees which affects our performance” she added.

The school has less than two acres of land restricting new construction of buildings, and students’ playground. She now calls on the leadership of the area to intervene and help them floor and make descent classrooms for pupils.