Livestock movement and trade banned in Lugari Sub County

The Lugari Sub County veterinary officer Dr. Wycliffe Muholo
The Lugari Sub County veterinary officer Dr. Wycliffe Muholo confirmed that no livestock or livestock products will be moved within the area

Following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Lugari Sub County the veterinary department has imposed a quarantine on the movement of livestock and livestock products in the area. Speaking to West Media in his office the area Sub County veterinary officer Dr. Wycliffe Muholo said the disease had been reported in several parts of the Sub County by his disease surveillance team.

The most affected, he said were cattle, goats, sheep and pigs adding that the infected animals became immobilized, lacked appetite and died if they didn’t receive quick veterinary attention.

During the quarantine period, the veterinary boss said no livestock or other animal products shall be moved from or into the area without a written permission from the veterinary officer. The herding of livestock will be done as far as possible from any public road and that the carcasses of all animals that were infected by diseases shall forthwith be either buried at the depth of not less than four feet below the ground or burnt at the expense of the owner.

As a result of the ban, Dr. Muholo revealed all livestock market centres in Lugari Sub County shall remain closed until further notice. “The livestock market is also closed so there will be no livestock trade that normally happens at Kipkaren on Thursdays until we are able to deal with the disease,” said Muholo, adding that his office was seriously working on measures to control the situation.