Lugari electorate advised to vet all aspirants ahead of the 2022 elections

ODM director of communication Philip Etale addressing residents in Lwandeti ward

The electorate in Lugari constituency has been advised to carefully vet all aspirants vying for various positions in the 2022 general elections in order to elect and vote in power credible persons capable of championing for the area’s development.

Addressing residents in Lwandeti ward ODM director of communication Philip Etale said in order to spur economic growth and eradicate unemployment it was incumbent upon the electorate to choose able leaders to steer this crusade.

He appealed to the residents to stop entertaining leaders who are fond of perpetuating politics of division at the expense of economic development

“This time round let us resist bribes and divisive politics and only elect leaders with sound manifestos and achievable agendas,” said Etale.

Etale who has declared his interest in the Lugari parliamentary seat said the area needed focused leaders who will stir it to the highest level in terms of development.

“Let us evaluate each and every aspirant regardless of their tribe or political affiliations and ensure we elect development conscious leaders,” said Etale.

He lamented about the dilapidated road system, lack of income generating projects in the area and poor education infrastructure adding that if the trend was allowed to escalate then poverty would automatically remain endemic.

On the youths, he said it was paramount to have their talents harnessed revealing that when elected he will champion for the establishment of the talent improvement center in the area.