Dairy and poultry farmers urged to embrace local animal feeds

The chaff cutting machine after it had been delivered to Bendera Self Help Group
The chaff cutting machine which was given to Bendera Self Help Group

Dairy and poultry farmers in Lugari Sub County have been urged to embrace local animal feeds production in a bid to cut down on costs. Speaking during a brief ceremony to hand over a chaff cutting machine to Bendera self-help group in Lumakanda location, Mr. William Makechi, an official from the Ministry of Agriculture noted that self-dependence in animal feeds would be cheaper hence affordable for both poultry and dairy farmers.

Makechi observed that the local production would translate to nearly 50 percent more in profits as compared to a feeding system where farmers solely depend on commercial feeds. Commercial feeds, the official said, could largely be supplemented by fodder products, for instance, desmodium and Napier grass, which could be grown amid other subsistent crops.

Makechi advised farmers to make good use of maize stovers after harvesting, saying feeding of dairy animals on the stovers was taking root in the various part of the country. “We advise them not to burn or destroy these stovers as it has been in the past, with the current technology the stovers have become useful in dairy farming,” explained Makechi.

Mr. William Makechi, an officer from the Ministry of Agriculture
Mr. William Makechi, an officer from the Ministry of Agriculture

Apart from the dried maize stovers, Makechi also encouraged farmers to grow maize and once it reaches the milk stage then they should harvest, chop and store for animal use. “This kind of feed is highly nutritious and of good quality,” he said.

At the same time, he noted that it was vital for farmers to seek professional aid to improve yields if they wanted to practice successful dairy and poultry farming.

Makechi’s sentiments were echoed by Mr. Sylvester Otieno from Tiger Machineries Company who encouraged farmers to embrace the modern technology of animal feeds production. He said the machine delivered to Bendera self-help group could be used for making both dairy and poultry feeds.