Only 3.3% of voters participated in repeat presidential elections in Lugari

The number of registered voters who voted in Lugari and Likuyani was low
The number of registered voters who voted in Lugari and Likuyani was low

Only 3.3% and 7.7% of total registered voters in Lugari and Likuyani constituencies respectively turned out to cast their votes in the October 26th repeat presidential elections.

According to the official results announced on Friday morning at the Lumakanda Salvation Army Church Tallying centre by the Lugari constituency Returning Officer Japheth Lagat, a total of 2,565 voters out of the total registered number of 77,001 participated in the

President Uhuru Kenyatta got 94.9% of the total votes cast after garnering a total of 2,396 against Raila Odinga’s 90 while Ekuru Aukot got 18 votes. Cyrus Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo had 14 votes, Mohammed Abduba Dida had 4, Joseph Nyagah 2, Japheth Kavinga Kaluyu 2 and Michael Wainaina got zero. Thirty-nine votes were rejected.

In Likuyani a total of 4859 out of 63,311 voters turned out to cast their votes representing 7.7 % of the total registered voters. According to official results announced at the Moi Girls Nangili Secondary school tallying centre by Likuyani constituency Returning Officer Enoch Otara, Uhuru Kenyatta managed to get 97% of total votes cast after getting 4684 votes.

Raila Odinga got 103 votes, Ekuru Aukot 15, Cyrus Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo 11, Joseph Nyaga 5, Japheth Kaluyu 4, Michael Mwaura 3 while Abduba Dida 2. Thirty-two votes were rejected.

However, the exercise went on peacefully in both constituencies and no incidences were reported.