Man’s house torched down in Mautuma location

Said Sakani standing outside his burnt house
Said Sakani standing outside his burnt house
A middle-aged man from Makongeni village in Mautuma location, Lugari Sub County, escaped death narrowly after unknown arsonists locked him inside his grass-thatched house before setting it ablaze in the wee hours of the night. Speaking to West Media, the victim, Mr. Said Sakani Ali, said he was asleep when he woke up to a choking smell at 3 am and realised his house was on fire.

“I woke up, shocked that house was on fire and I couldn’t figure out who or what could’ve ignited it, I screamed for help but nobody responded,” Sakani said.

However, matters got complicated after he discovered the arsonist had locked the house from outside, “I tried opening the door but it had been locked from outside. I immediately phoned my father who rushed and saved me,” narrated a devastated Sakani.

He noted that all his household property including iron sheets and other construction material which he had purchased, with intentions of building a bigger house, were reduced to ashes after the inferno.

“Nothing was salvaged, by the time my father rescued me, it was too late,” noted Sakani.

Though the victim was yet to establish the motive behind the incident, he said he had received some threats from unknown people days before the incident occurred.

“For the past five days, before my house was torched, I have been receiving texts and call threats from unknown people. First, it was a ‘please call me’ text, followed by a call from a strange number on 20th November, they told me am needed at the police station, when I tried to enquire who it was he hang up,” he said.

Sakani says he was called again via the same number the following day, and the caller asked why he had gone silent, informing him that thugs were outside his house. He reported the threats at Mlimani, Makutano police post and later at Turbo station before this incident happened.

The heinous incident has been strongly condemned by area residents led by Sakani’s father and uncle who asked security agencies to carry out thorough investigationsI and ensure culprits are brought to justice.

Mautuma location chief Pamela Dava Kulali confirmed the incident saying the case is being investigated.