Lusaka urges Luhya leaders to focus on development and shun insults

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka
Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka
Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has urged Western leaders to stop publicly trading insults and quarrels but instead work together to advance the agenda of development. Speaking in Webuye, Lusaka said there is a public outcry against leaders in the Luhya nation concerning their bad conduct in public platforms, who, instead of speaking about issue-based politics, are busy abusing each other and calling each other names.
He said this has made other communities ridicule leaders from Western Kenya, and they aren’t taken seriously even on the national negotiation table. He said leaders should work together and forge a formidable force that will pave the way for development projects to trickle down. He said residents can’t ‘eat’ politics, and emphasized that the time for 2022 politics sis till far off. The Senate Speaker said he’ll continue pushing for development fro Bungoma County, promising to engage Deputy President William Ruto, to make sure that the Technical Training Institute in Webuye East is fully set up, as it’s the only constituency that lacks a TTI in Bungoma County.
He also urged Bungoma residents to support the leadership of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, in order for him to deliver, but requested the County government to complete the projects he began, saying he did a lot during his tenure. Speaking on constitutional changes, he said he is bound by the law and will await the penultimate Senate decision, and also praised the cordial relationship he enjoys with Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula at the Senate.