Lusaka sends 4 chief officers on compulsory leave

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka
Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has today send four chief officers on compulsory leave for contravening his first executive order and engaging unauthorized expenditure.

Among the unauthorized expenditure they got involved in despite the executive order stopping them included high personnel emoluments, high pending bills, unclear gratuity, pension and unreconciled payment for Scholarships.

In the executive order, Governor Lusaka during his takeover had directed that no expenditure was to be made unless it was mandatory, budgeting and planning programs sanctioned by himself.

This was to allow a proper audit by three task forces on human resource, pending bills and the County scholarships program that is ongoing.

The affected officers send on compulsory leave included Patrick Wandili-Urban Planning who was also acting in Health, Maurice Marango chief officer Energy who was also acting in Roads and Public works, Rose Murunga -Vocational Training who was also acting in the Education docket and Abidan Kapchanga chief officer Industrialization who was also acting in Public Service and Management docket.

While on leave, acting chief officer Health will be Isaac Aruput, Roads and Public Works will be led Moses Sichei while George Kombo will be acting as chief officer Education, Vocational Training at the same time act as acting chief officer Physical and Urban Planning.

Stephen Makhanu will act as chief officer Public Service Management while Denson Barasa will be acting chief officer Energy and Industrialization.

During their compulsory leave the officers will be required to avail themselves shed light whenever called upon by the investigation team without fail.