Man caught performing bestiality with a sheep


The suspect Peter Boa holding the sheep believed he was involved in the act with

A middle aged man Peter Boa is being held at the Kitale police station on counts of performing bestiality with a sheep belonging to his employer.

According to an eye witness Rashid Kongo Boyi, he came to the play ground where the cattle normally graze and saw the man manhandling the sheep.

Peter Boa arrested for having engabed in bestiality with a sheep at the chiefs ofice at Meru farm

He narrated how he stood with his mouth agape and watched the unfolding events as the man undressed and started having carnal knowledge with the sheep, after several minutes, the offender noticed he was being watched.

The offender pleaded guilty of having raped the sheep and appealed to the eye witness not to scream fearing the public might come and take action in their hands.

The witness concurred with the plea and told him not to move from the scene before rushing straight to the chiefs office where he reported the case.

The chief gave him some village administrators with whom they went to the scene where they apprehended the victim together with the sheep.

From left the suspect Peter Boa, the eye witness Rashid Kongo in white clothing while at the chief’s office
Some residents who turned up at the chiefs office

Hundreds of residents amongst them Bodabodas arrived at the chiefs office baying for the blood of the victim who they termed was a disgrace to society.

They forced their way into the office and demanded to be given opportunity to discipline the offender something that the chief refused and took him to the Kitale police station.

The locals urged the law enforcers to take stun action against the offender so that it can be a lesson to the others who might want to indulge in the same act.

They said such incidences have been rampant in the area and county as a whole as they disclosed of the recent incident where a man also found having done same acts of bestiality but with a cow.