Man commits suicide in Lukhokhwe, Bungoma County

Residents of Lukhokhwe were in shock
Residents of Lukhokhwe were in shock

A family in Lukhokhwe village in Bungoma County is in mourning after the firs born son committed suicide. Anthony Wanjala Wanyonyi, a boda boda operator who had separated from his wife allegedly took poison due to his high indebtedness. mood after their first son. Joshua Livoi, a bodaboda official said nowadays there are many operators and bikes, amking it hard to get sufficient income, “Long ago we were earning between one thousand five hundred shillings per day making us able to meet our daily expenses. However, these days we get as low as six hundred shillings.”

He said Anthony committed suicide due to the debts he had and his inability to pay, “I asked those giving loans to reduce the interest rates and time frame to pay the loans so that we can have humble time to repay the motorbike loans,” said Livoi, “I also call upon the government to step in and intervene in this looming loan crisis.”

Phanuel Wafula, a fellow bodaboda operator, lamented the situations arising where one has to pay close to two hundred thousand shillings for a motorbike that is worth one hundred and thirty thousand shillings. The late’s father narrated that on the fateful night he was exhausted and decided to retire to bed early and his phone was on silent mode. After waking up, he found numerous missed calls from his son, “I tried to contact him but to no avail. I rushed to his house and found him in a critical condition,” he said, adding that he rushed him to hospital but he died. .I took up the responsibility of taking him to hospital .However he’s succumbed death. He urged the youth to be open to their parents and talk about issues affecting them.