Man commits suicide after allegedly making away with Kshs 800

Police removing the body from the scene

A 20-year-old man committed suicide after allegedly making away with Kshs. 800 from his aunt in Kongoni village Likuyani Sub County. According to Mrs. Janet Mutai, she sent her nephew Kelvin Kiplimo to buy some goods at Matunda market on Saturday afternoon and gave him a Kshs. 1,000 note.

She said the deceased bought the items which cost Kshs. 200 brought them home but secretly left without giving her the balance. According to her, the nephew had developed a habit of running away whenever he had money and returned after spending.

She said after failing to return on Saturday evening the family never made any efforts to search for him knowing he will come back to apologize after spending the cash as it was his habit.

However, the family was shocked on receiving news of his death after his body was found dangling on a tree in a nearby thicket Tuesday afternoon. The body was discovered by a lady who was preparing her land ready for planting near the bush and after feeling pressed she decided to relieve herself in the thicket.

“That’s when I was shocked to see the body hanging from a tree,” said Ms. Rose Nangila who later informed the deceased’s family. Mrs. Mutai said her nephew might have decided to commit suicide for fear of being punished for taking her money

According to Allan Kemei, his cousin has on several occasions threatened to commit suicide, and it’s regrettable he went ahead and did just that.

My cousin was chased away by his parents from their home in Mt. Elgon after he was accused of stealing livestock, he threatened to commit suicide before my mother took him through guiding and counselling and agree to take care of him and we have been living as brothers with my mother providing every for him,” said Kemei.

He added that while living with them in their home, Kiplimo was accused of sodomising a young boy in the neighbourhood where he was arrested and spent nine months in prison before coming back and again threatened to commit suicide. “It is disappointing that these were not just mere threats and he has fulfilled it by taking his life in such a cruel way,” said Kemei.

Police officers from Nangili removed the body to Kitale hospital mortuary for postmortem as they launched an investigation into the incident.