Man dies moments after burying his sister

Residents at the scene of the accident, where the man was hit by a vehicle
Residents at the scene of the accident, where the man was hit by a vehicle

A sombre mood engulfed Lwandeti village in Matete Sub County after a middle-aged man died in a road accident minutes after burying his sister. According to Mr. Charles Kere his young brother Mukhwami Kere was hit by a speeding vehicle near Lwandeti junction along the Webuye–Eldoret highway just about 30 minutes after burying their sister Rose Muronji.

Kere said the brother was drunk and disorderly arguing that he had caused a lot of disturbance during the funeral service. He said immediately after the burial the deceased demanded to be given food which he hurriedly ate and moved to the next house where he also ordered to be given more food but he was denied before he took one of
his friends and left alleging they were going to take more brew.

He said once they reached the highway his friend pleaded with him to stop and wait for oncoming vehicles to pass but he ignored arguing the driver had eyes and senses and couldn’t hit them.

However, the driver in the first vehicle swerved and managed to avoid hitting him before he was knocked by the second vehicle as he staggered on the road. The man was rushed to Nyayo hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Kere, prior to the tragic accident, strong winds had blown off tents during the funeral service of their sister which according to him, was a warning that something bad was going to happen.