Man dies in Kimilili after consuming chang’aa

man dies
House where the late Philip Khaemba was taking liquor

Man dies in Kimilili after consuming chang’aa

A middle aged man passed on after consuming chang’aa at Namawanga market in Kimilili Sub County an issue that has raised concern in the village of the increased sell of the illicit brew.

According to residents at the market the late identified as Philip Khaemba who was a milk seller was in good health in the morning and had supplied milk to his customers as usual and gone to the house of the liquor seller identified as Gabriel Nakitare for some sip.

It is alleged that he found a ‘sponsor’ at the Chang’aa den who bought a cup for him as he quickly drank it and died instantly an incident that attracted a huge crowd at the house who were baying for the blood of the seller but she had already escaped.

man dies
House where the late Philip Khaemba was taking the liquor

The police later arrived at the scene and arrested the owner of the home Gabriel Nakitare who will help the police in conducting their investigations.

Confirming the incident Kitayi sub location assistant chief Judith Kachu said it is unfortunate that the resident had to lose his life through such an incident and cautioned the area residents against selling illicit brew.

She added that together with the police they will be conducting a crackdown on the people involved in the illegal activity to make sure that no such life will be lost again in future.

Area residents led by Jentrix Nafula expressed their disappointment with the incident saying the police must be conduct a thorough crackdown on residents who are involved in the illegal business of saying it is a vice in the society and must be tamed.

The body of the late was later taken by the police to dreamland hospital mortuary where a post mortem is expected to be carried out.