Man drowns while crossing a river in Opwako, Teso South

Opwaka residents near river Opwaka where a 55-year-old man drowned
Opwaka residents near river Opwaka where a 55-year-old man drowned

Two people have died in two separate incidences in Busia county. In the first incident, a middle age man threw himself in a borehole at his home in near Buyofu market in Nambale sub county.

Neighbors say he decided to take his life due to stress after he sold all his land and misused the money.

And in the second incident, a 55-year-old man drowned while cross river Opwaka in Teso south sub county. max Erapu’s body was recovered five hundred meters away from the place he drowned and taken to Alupe sub county hospital mortuary.

Locals led by Henry Odie and Flora Ayuma have lamented lack of a bridge in the area putting many residents including school going children into risk of being washed away by flood water from river Opwaka, “This area has been neglected. We need a bridge here because when it rains we can’t cross safely due to floods. There are two schools down there that is Akiriamasi primary and Oduria and our children get it rough access them.”

This is the first reported death in since rivers passing through Teso North and south sub counties flooded since September wreaking havoc; washing away hundreds of acres of plantations and hundreds of houses rendering families homeless and exposing them to waterborne diseases.

During his Mashujaa Day celebrations at Kolanya primary school in Teso north, Busia County commissioner Jacob Narengo called on locals lIving in low lands and near rivers to move to higher grounds to avert further tragedies, “Don’t remain down there because this rain is too much and dangerous. Chiefs and assistant chiefs please help us to ensure that people living near rivers move away to safer places. We don’t want to lose anybody.”