Man hangs himself in Matunda over inability to pay house rent

Police officers at the scene

A sorrowful mood enveloped Matunda Township village in Likuyani sub county after a middle aged man committed suicide by hanging himself for being unable to pay house rent 

According to the neighbours, the deceased who lives alone, picked a quarrel with his landlady over unpaid rent before he took his life. 

“The landlady had ordered him to vacate her house for being unable to pay rent. After a long argument the deceased left and entered the house, threatening to kill himself and complaining of abuses from the landlady,” said neighbours. 

They said hours later the landlady followed him into the house where she found him with a rope around his neck and thought that he was just trying to play his games on her. 

“She called and told me to go and witness how the man was fooling around, but when I went inside I confirmed that he had already died and told her that he was not joking but had indeed hanged himself,” said a neighbour. 

Confirming the, incident,  Matunda sub location assistant Chief Joseph Shikuku said the body was found inside the house dangling from the rooftop with a rope around the neck. 

However Shikuku said the reason behind the heinous action had not been established. 

The deceased family requested to be allowed to bury him saying they had no complaints over his death.