Man killed by villagers after attacking his father in Teso

Grace Anyokot speaking to West Media

A 32 year old man was killed by irate villagers at Aterait village in Teso South sub county, Busia County after he attacked his father over a land tussle. It’s alleged that Eliud Ideo went to his father’s home at night armed with a panga with an intention of killing him before other family members raised an alarm attracting villagers, “We were in the house eating supper when we heard commotion outside. My husband went out to check and before long, we heard him scream. When we went out to check, we found our son beating him and that’s when we started screaming,” explained Grace Anyokot.

She continued, “After a short period this home was full of villagers who tried to cool down my son but he became wild and tried to attack them. That’s when they beat him to death.” Police officers from Adungos arrived at the scene and took away the body to Alupe sub county hospital morgue and locked up the slain man’s father Benson Otamaa, 60, at Adungos police station.

Johnstone Pade, who is the clan’s secretary and Dennis Ochieng who is the younger brother to Eliud, said he has been causing chaos almost daily in the family because of land, “He took a larger portion of his father’s land but recently the family sat and divided the land equally which didn’t appeal to him. From there he started attacking the father and kept on threatening us whenever we met even on the road.”

They have appealed to the police to release his father whom they argue is more aggrieved than the son, “He has been attacked severally and the report is at the police station. Even this time round were it not for neighbors, he is the one who would have been killed. Let the police release him so that we prepare for the burial of his son.”

Elsewhere, a 57 year old man has been found dead on a railway line at Ang’ang’ama village, Bukhayo North ward in Nambale sub county in what family members believe is a murder case. Luka Etyang’s family members led by his wife Mary Karani, his brother Crescent Emai and his sister Grace Idewa claim he was killed and his body dumped at the railway to insinuate that he was run over by a train, “We keenly observed the body and we can confidently say that he was killed using either a panga or a blunt object then dumped at the railway line. He had multiple injuries on the head and legs.”

They have called on police officers to launch investigations and arrest those behind the murder, “If they fail to get hold of those who killed him, more incidents may follow because the perpetrators will not be afraid since they are not known.”