Man nursing injuries in Turbo after being attacked by his daughters’ boyfriends

Mr. Noah Bondet when he spoke to West Media

A 50 year old man from Chepleskei village in Tapsagoi location Turbo sub county is nursing serious injuries after he was attacked by his daughters’ boyfriends.

According to Mr. Noah Bondet, after realizing his three daughters who are high school students were misbehaving with boys within the area, he decided to take action to discipline them but they later reported him to their boyfriends who vowed to revenge on their behalf before they (boyfriends) waylaid and attacked him while on his way back home.

He said since the school closed following the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country the children have been engaging in bad behavior that has even led to fights between boys who fight over them.

He said when he learnt what his daughters were engaging in with a group of boys from the neighbouring Kamor village he agreed with the girls’ mother to cane them on Saturday evening.

However he said that the daughters secretly communicated to their boyfriends via phone and informed them that they had been beaten by their father.

On Sunday morning the boys went to see their girlfriends and vowed revenge but when he threatened to take legal action by involving the police, they ran away and waited until evening where they waylaid him while returning home at about 7pm, attacked and seriously injured him.

“In fact they fought me very badly and I lost two teeth in the incident,” said Mr. Bondet adding the boys warned him never to touch their lovers again.

According to Mr. Bondet two of his daughters are in form three and one is in form one while two of their boyfriends are form four students and the other one dropped out of school.

The girls’ grandmother Mrs. Esther Bondet (74) has expressed her shock following the incident saying she has never seen son in-laws beating their parents in-law .

“In our Kalenjin community in-laws are highly respected and for the 74 years I’ve lived I have never witnessed such an incident. I don’t know what is wrong with the current generation, where did the respect for the in-laws go?” posed the 74 year old granny.

Mr. Bondet was taken to Turbo sub county hospital for treatment before he reported the matter at Turbo police station where investigation into the incident have been launched though the suspects are said to have gone into hiding.