Maraka ward vulnerable farmers receive free fertilizer from the county ahead of the planting season

Widow Mary Nanjala addressing the media after receiving free fertilizer.

Vulnerable groups of farmers from Maraka ward in Webuye East constituency, have received free fertilizer from the county government of Bungoma in a bid to foster food security and improve good yields this planting season. The over three hundred farmers who mostly included persons living with disability, widows and the poor were given the fertilizer by area MCA Ali Machani on Monday.

The farmers are the first beneficiaries in the program that is set to roll across all the forty five wards, speaking while distributing the fertilizer at his offices Machani said that the move was geared towards ensuring their is a good yields this season.
“We are giving 50kgs of the fertilizer to both farmers in rural and urban areas that will help them foster food security,”he said.
He added that the 50kgs being given will help cover one hectare piece of land adding that anyone with the ability to add for themselves more by buying in shops and cereal is at liberty to do so.

“We all know that Bungoma is one the bread basket of food production in our country and we thank our governor Wycliffe Wangamati for moving in to help our farmers,” he said. Machani. He also said that it was not yet time for politicking and those salivating for his seat should wait till 2022 when time for politics comes.

“We want to humbly ask our rivals and competitors to have respect and give us who are in office a humble time to serve our people and when the bell for polls will begin we shall throw ourselves in the arena,” he said. He affirmed that he was committed in ensuring the roads in the wards are rehabilitated and improved for easy transportation of farm inputs.

Machani who is also the ODM party chairman in Bungoma asked residents to support the BBI report and that it has good plans for Kenyans. “We shall have more resources coming to counties that will ensure more development that electorates are yearning for is attained,” said Machani.

Mary Nanjala a widow who received the fertilizer said that the fertilizer will go along way in helping her get good yields.
“Last year I had bad yields since I did not have fertilizer and I believe that this year my production will be high and help me pay fees for my child who is in secondary due to this fertilizer,” she said.