Matiangi condemns risen early pregnancies in Trans Nzoia County

Interior Cs Dr. Fred Matiangi during his Kitale visit

Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security and Coordination of Government projects Dr. Fred Matiang’i has expressed his dissatisfaction following the report of more than 10,000 youth pregnancies in Trans Nzoia County alone.

Speaking today after touring the county and holding a meeting with security chiefs among them regional commissioner for Rift valley George Natembeya, and Trans Nzoia county commissioner Sam Ojwang, he described the report as alarming calling upon all the perpetrators who were involved in impregnating the youths to be brought to book and advising the parents to take back the pregnant children to schools.

Matiang’i has however banned all “disco matangas” in the region claiming it was a recipe of pregnancies that have taken toll in the county. Matiang’i called upon the chiefs and assistant chiefs to have a tally of those children impregnated within their regions with the region having the highest number of pregnancies.

“It’s a trend in this region that once someone dies he has to be celebrated by dancing at night using our minors, and am calling upon the county police commander to remain vigil and arrest the perpetrators of these crimes,” claimed Matiangi.

Matiangi described his dissatisfaction with the Education Ministry for only disciplining two teachers found engaging in irresponsible behavior by impregnating young girls claiming there was need for more action as more teachers need to be arrested for engaging in such practices.

On insecurity, the Cs claimed there were rampant cases of insecurity cases that have popped up with several gangs carrying guns for criminal activities, noting that all insecurity cases will be dealt with assuring residents of their security.

He, however, promised all the projects initiated by the government to be complete before President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term expires stating that some projects have stalled and it’s their duty as leaders to inspect such projects and finding a reason as to why such projects stalled.

He disclosed that the Government has set up more than Kshs.20 billion for projects within the county calling upon those in charge to desist from corruption that might bring down development projects.

He promised the Government’s commitment towards offering title deeds for the landless, which he claimed was the biggest challenge for Trans Nzoia county residents noting that the president will soon visit the county and provide title deeds personally.