Mautuma facebook and Whatsapp groups help raise school fees for an orphan


A Mautuma  face book and Whatsapp group has  managed to raise school fees for an orphan boy on the verge of missing his form one admission after scoring 308 marks at Macho Muslim primary school in the 2020 KCPE examinations.

The group christened Support Aswani Wetende came to the rescue of 15 year old Argwings Aswani Wetende who the group administrators Moses Otieno Otwero and pastor Bernard Agona were touched by his story.

Narrating his story, Aswani said he was unable to join Kivaywa boys High school after attaining 308 marks in his KCPE 2020 due to lack of fees.

“Our parents divorced  long time ago and we moved with our mother from Butere when I was still young and settled here in Mautuma  but unfortunately she died years ago leaving my two elder brothers and I. We have survived through the mercy of our neighbors who support us with all the basics,” said Aswani.

Touched by the story Otieno captured the picture of the boy and uploaded his story on his face book account and also created a Whatsapp group where members committed themselves to helping the boy.

The group has managed to raise a total of Kshs. 25,000 and enable the boy to join  Kivaywa secondary school.

Mr. Otwero lauded the members of the two groups for aiding the poor boy to ensure that he was admitted into the school.

“I am so happy that social media can be used to aid the unfortunate, transform lives and inspire generosity. Educating Aswani means a brighter future for him, his family and the society and I want to thank everyone who contributed towards his education, said Otwero.

Showing his gratitude, the student thanked the residents for their generous support and promised to work hard and achieve his dreams.

“I am so happy that through their support my education is now guaranteed. I will work harder to ensure that I don’t fail the generous social media family, said the jovial boy at Kivaywa Secondary School where he was escorted by the well-wishers.