MCA Pepela warns parents against keeping disabled children from public life

Ndivisi MCA Martin Wanyonyi Pepela handing over the wheelchairs

Parents who have children or people living with disabilities have been warned against keeping them from public life, and denying them the required support from the government and NGOs in the process. Speaking to parents after distributing wheelchairs, Ndivisi MCA Martin Pepela Wanyonyi said many children living with disabilities are not getting the required support because their parents are hiding them and it makes it harder for them to get the required support. He faulted parents who shy away from their disabled children, adding at hose abled differently have the same rights as everyone in the society and have a right to education just like everyone else.

He urged those in schools to work hard and compete since they have potential to do even better, citing that if he had been kept from school because he is an albino, things would have turned out different for him, adding that presently there are more schools for the disabled than before. His sentiments were supported by Edwin Wanyama Mulongo, who is the chairman of the disabled persons in Namarambi sub location. He said nobody chose to be born abled differently and everyone has the potential to excel in life if they are given the opportunity.

He said there are bursaries and grants meant to cushion those who are abled differently but it’s hard to identify them if their parents are keeping them from the public or not presenting the to the relevant authorities. He said he lost his eyesight when he was only six years old but that hasn’t stopped him from excelling in life. He emphasized the need to put more effort in attaining education success, noting it gives one a certain level of dignity in the community.