Mental health- related complications on the rise in Kenya.

Emotional Intelligence (courtesy)
Emotional Intelligence (courtesy)

It has been established that mental health-related complications in Kenya is on the rise due to the complications brought by the Covid-19 pandemic which has continued to hit hard and push people to new corners.

According to Vicky Karuga, the MD for Profiles International East Africa, the mental health related complications are on the rise as it is estimated that one in every Ten people suffer from a common mental disorder.

Karuga says this has presented a call for more involvement in creating awareness and providing solutions about mental health in the country thus the Profiles International is committed to creating awareness about mental health and also empowers individuals and organizations to be able to respond to the challenges of increase in mental health complications by championing of emotional intelligence.

“Emotional intelligence is a direct combat against mental health disorders and during the month of May we raise awareness globally towards the issue of mental health which is the well being of a person,” Karuga affirmed.

She added that as an organization they equip people with facts skills that they require to navigate through life as some of the issues associated with mental health is anxiety brought by stress which leads to depression.

“We conduct emotional intelligence awareness and trainings to make people understand their emotions they are going through,” she added.

The MD has encouraged people to learn more about emotional intelligence so that they can better understand what these emotions are telling them and whether they need to seek further help for whatever it is that they are going through as there is nothing wrong in asking for help because we all need.

The benefits of being emotional intelligent at personal level helps one to do the following:

– It equips us to improve relationships with those we love and care about.

– Allows us to have uncomfortable triggering conversations without hurting feelings

– positions us to manage our emotions when we are stressed or feeling over whelmed.

At professional level, emotional intelligent helps one to:

– Resolve conflicts with our colleagues and team mates.

– creates a collaborative environment

– It helps create psychological safe environment within teams etc.