Meteorological department warns of rain deficiency

Metereological department (photo courtesy)
Metereological department (photo courtesy)
Many farmers in Bungoma and some Counties in Western region depend on the short October, November and December rains to do their second season farming.

However, the Meteorological Department under the Ministry of Environment and forestry have issued a notice that the short rains for this year will be inadequate in time and space. Counties in the Western part of Kenya including Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga and Transnzoia are expected to receive below average rainfall whereas Counties in the Eastern region will receive only distributed rainfall. This will accelerate the drought currently prevailing in most parts of Kenya.

In addition heat temperatures are set to rise higher than average resulting to warmer and hotter days and nights.

The Counties in the Western Kenya are still likely to experience flash floods periodically instead of the short rains.

Farmers in Bungoma, who rely on the short rains of September to December, are likely to be affected by this deficiency as their farming activities and consequently their yields may reduce.

Losses may be incurred as the prices of farm inputs such as fertilizer and seeds have been at peak prices.

Farmers have therefore been urged to try planting drought resistant crops instead of their regular crops so as to ensure food security.

By Sarah Mulongo