Michael Joseph back at the helm of Safaricom as interim CEO

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph
Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph

Safaricom has appointed Michael Joseph as the interim Chief Executive Officer following the death of Bob Collymore early on Monday. The decision was arrived at during a special board meeting of directors. “Mr Joseph will hold this position until the Board communicates in due course, on a permanent appointment,” read the statement from the Company.

The Board communicated it’s confident that during the transition, Michael Joseph will provide the necessary guidance and leadership to Safaricom and its employees. Joseph was at the helm at the Company before Bob Collymore took over in 2010, and is the current chairman of the board at Kenya Airways.

Collymore succumbed to cancer after a period of treatment, and speaking after his demise, Joseph noted that the Company was lucky to have someone like Bob leading it, because he had the DNA to lead the Company and to understand it. Safaricom chairman Nicholas Nganga had pointed out that the Company’s leadership were already preparing for Collymore’s departure since his contract was about to end.