Milk and egg lovers to pay more as the price of animal feeds increase

A tray of eggs
A tray of eggs

The price of milk and eggs has been on an increase in the country as a result of high cost of feeds.

Currently, a 70 kilogramme bag of layers mash has risen from shs 3700 to shs 4500. Chick mash is being sold at shs 4900 from shs 4200 while dairy meal is selling at shs 2850 from shs 2500. This drift will reduce production and increase consumer prices.

Recently, prices of various dairy and eggs have increased, a litre of milk ranges from shs 130- shs 150 while a tray of eggs costs between shs 480- 500 across major supermarkets and small retailers.

Kenya Feeds Manufacturers Secretary General Martin Kinoti said this increase has been driven by the rising cost of maize which is the main raw material for feeds production.

Kinoti asked the government to allow the importation of yellow maize and requested the government to extend the waiver period which was termed for 90 days. Many millers have restrained from importing this product for fear of not being able to reach the allocated deadline. This is because this product takes time to be shipped and uses the black sea route which engages Ukraine that is currently at war with Russia and therefore very risky.

The organization wants the government to intervene by extending the import terms and rescue farmers and Kenyans from the impending high prices.

By Mercy Misiko