Milo residents urged to register for Huduma Namba

Milo residents queuing during registration
Milo residents queuing during registration

Milo sub location residents in Webuye West Constituency and Bungoma County as a whole have been urged to come out in large numbers and register for the Huduma Namba in the ongoing exercise.

Speaking to West Media, Milo Sub location assistant chief Emmanuel Wanjala Murokoyo revealed the importance of having a Huduma Namba, therefore, urged all Kenyans to ensure that are registered before the period stipulated by the government ends.

“The registration exercise kicked off well and we are going on well here at Milo, almost all Kenyans have information about Huduma Namba and this is attested to by the large number of people coming to register. Therefore, am requesting those who haven’t made up their minds to do so and register,” stated Wanjala

However, chief Wanjala urged Kenyans to ignore propaganda being spread by a section of people that Huduma Namba is demonic and urged those who are spreading the lies to stop. “At times there are Kenyans who are good at spreading lies; there are those who are claiming that the government is taking DNA samples and that the number is demonic. The claims of 666 are false and should not even be taken with seriousness,” said Wanjala

“The government is not hiding anything from the citizens but it is just a way of improving the ability to provide Kenyans with services they require in a digital way, therefore, it will be wise as an individual to ensure that you are registered before the 45 days set by the government elapse,” he emphasized.

“The world is moving along the digital wave so as Kenyans we should follow the trend. Take advantage of registering instead of waiting and spending to travel for long distances for registration after the exercise is over,” he reiterated.