Ministry of Education urged to involve the clergy in school management.

Nandi governor Stephen Sang

Nandi governor Stephen Sang has asked the government through the Ministry of Education to consider involving the clergy/men of God in school management in a bid to help nurture students spiritually and instill morals. 

Sang blamed the rising cases of school unrests on lack of discipline and guidance amongst the students which  could have been tackled by the clergy if accorded enough time to interact with the students. 

The governor who was speaking at Kiropket during the inspection of an ECD center, said the Ministry of Education had locked out chaplains and school sponsors which could be of great help in instilling discipline and morals to students through sermons thus there is need for the government to involve them in the management of schools. 

“The role of sponsors and chaplains in schools is to give spiritual guidance to our students thus should be accorded time to interact fully with the students” He insisted. 

He added that the problem of school unrests facing various schools across the country cannot be tackled by the government alone as it needs concerted efforts from all education stakeholders including the clergy and the chaplaincy which has been locked out by the government. 

The governor asked students to consider upholding discipline and high standards of integrity while in schools so as to avoid such vices.