Mother and her two children ask for help after being paralyzed and blinded by strange disease

Mrs. Joyce Owenga (left) with her children when they spoke to West Media
Mrs. Joyce Owenga (left) with her children when they spoke to West Media

A mother and her two children from Lunyito village in Lugari sub location, Lugari sub county have appealed for assistance after being attacked by an unknown disease that has rendered them blind and also paralyzed them.

Mrs. Joyce Owenga her daughter Christine Owenga and son Joel Owenga can neither walk nor stand on their own without being supported and have also developed speech problems, as a result, they speak with difficulties.

According to Mrs. Owenga the problem began in 1995 when she started feeling dizzy and weak though she wasn’t experiencing any pain. By that time she was expectant and despite delivering safely a bouncing baby boy, the doctor warned her against conceiving again and also advised her never to use any family planning method.

She said she followed the doctor’s instruction and was put on medication but her condition continued to deteriorate day by day.

She said for the last 23 years she has been in several hospitals and spent thousands of shillings but she has had no improvement and instead, she has become completely paralyzed and lost her sight.

The mother of five says two of her children have been forced to drop out of school after also being struck by the mysterious illness.

She said Christine couldn’t finish her last year in high school as she was forced to drop out during the first term and once a bright girl in class, she has currently developed aphasia and can’t speak.

Mrs. Owenga said despite her daughter’s condition, her cousin took advantage of her situation and could on several occasions sneak into the kitchen where she slept and raped her saying she knew of the incest act when her daughter was already five months pregnant.

“One night I heard my daughter screaming and lucky enough on that day, one of our elatives was present. She went to see what was the issue but surprisingly, when she came back she never told me anything and the following day in the morning, she just packed her things and left. When I tried to follow up the matter, I was shocked when my daughter  who could only speak few words, told me it was her cousin, known as Edwin, whose been defiling her,” said the mother adding that the daughter safely delivered a baby boy last mother and the family instructed them to abandon the baby at Webuye hospital.

Mrs. Owenga says it is disappointing that no action has been taken against the suspect for raping and impregnating her sick daughter.

“The family remained silent over the issue and the only thing they told my daughter was to leave the baby in hospital but no action has been taken against the suspect,” said Mrs. Owenga

On his part, Joel Owenga says his dreams of becoming a journalist have been cut short by the mystifying disease which forced him to drop out of school at form three level.

He said he started experiencing unusual feeling while in standard eight at Sirende primary where he slowly started losing his sight and also became weaker day by day.

“I could only see close objects and felt weaker. I shared it with my mother who advised me not to do burdensome tasks jobs, but I still struggled in school and scored 250 marks in KCPE,”  said Joel.

Thirsty for education he joined Lunyito secondary school where he was reported to be an above average student but his condition worsened in 2015 and he had to drop out at Form Three after he was paralyzed and completely lost his sight. “I really wanted to be a journalist but all my dreams have come to an end,” said Joel.

The family is now appealing to anyone who can help them get treatment to come to their aid.

They have also appealed to local leaders, area Member of County Assembly Musa Wangila Makhapila and MP Ayub Savula, to help them get wheelchairs and other basic needs saying they don’t have any source of income.