Motion to cut out county assembly leaders fails

The motion to remove leaders of majority and minority in the county Assembly of Trans Nzoia hits a dead end

The Trans Nzoia County Assembly
The Trans Nzoia County Assembly

The motion that sought to remove leaders of majority and minority in the county Assembly of Transnzoia, hit a dead end when the speaker of the Assembly David Sifuna Kinisu, ruled that it was premature and that the reasons given did not warrant removal of  leaders in their respective positions.

MCA for Nabiswa Ward Joel Milimo, who is also the Ford Kenya representative in the assembly, had taken the motion to parliament requesting the Leader of Majority Alfred Weswa, a Ford Kenya MCA for Sirende Ward and Hillary Kemei, an MCA for Motosiet ward and a representative of the minority in the assembly to be removed from their respective posts in the assembly for reasons that their parties have been disbanded and joined Jubilee coalition.

Milimo argued that the New Ford Kenya party had been disbanded following a meeting held in Nairobi called by its party leader who is also the Bungoma Governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka and supported his argument by presenting newspaper cuttings that ran the story on the disbandment of the party.

The County Assembly of Trans Nzoia county

However, his argument didn’t go well with other MCAS from the Jubilee coalition.

Among them was the MCA for Bidii Ward on TNA ticket Mathews Nyarango, who requested the speaker not to allow the motion to proceed as it lacked facts to support it and challenged the authenticity of the newspaper cuttings which he said can’t be trusted.

He stated that the only thing the speaker should have is a formal written  letter from the New Ford Kenya party leader, its secretary general and members endorsing that the party had been dissolved as well as a letter from the  Registrar of political parties on the same.

His sentiments were echoed by the kwanza MCA New Ford Kenya representative Likovere and Dorcas Sikowo, a nominated MCA on Ford Kenya ticket who asked fellow colleagues to hold their horses and follow the law in dealing with issues in the Assembly.

Milimo had his supporters among them an MCA for Matumbei Philip Sakong who praised him for coming up with the motion and said that he was not happy with the leaders of the Assembly.

His sentiments were supported by his URP colleague for Hospital Ward Simon Toroitich, who also criticized the leadership for under performing and appealed to their members to wait till the parties are dissolved to raise the motion.

Trans Nzoia county Assembly entrance.

The speaker however ruled that it was not in his power to order for the motion to discuss on the ways of choosing leaders in the assembly.

He stated that it was the duty of the sponsor parties or coalitions to chose their leaders and that they are only allowed to present the name in the assembly for the speaker to ask the house to pass what the members had discussed and agreed upon

He also ruled that he had not received any written document from the administration of the two parties as well as the registrar of parties to suggest that the two parties New Ford Kenya and URP had been dissolved.

The Assembly was divided on the motion as some members from the Jubilee Coalition supported the motion by Milimo who is in Cord Coalition.

According to internal sources, it is said that a few members from the Jubilee coalition are not happy with their leaders as they have accused the two for working together with the Governor and usurping their role of oversight in the assembly which is wanting