MP Moroto castigates secutiry organs for being biased

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto

Kapenguria member of Parliament Samuel Moroto has castigated security organs in the country for being biased in handling security matters and nabbing perpetrators of violence.

The legislator said that the security team was applying the law selectively based on the political camp one is allied to.

He noted that security organs have been compromised to secure personal and political interests rather than secure the people and the country.

“ They ought to be neutral. Democratic policing and law enforcement is critical for strengthening rule of law and advancing development priorities,” he said.

He noted that Kenya is headed for a very volatile and vicious 2022 electoral contest that requires a high threshold of integrity, credibility and transparency.

“Actions by security services, all controlled by the national government and majority of whose key leadership fails to reflect the diversity of the country as required by the constitution, could aggravate tensions around the polls due to perceived bias and undermine the credibility of elections outcomes and integrity of the vote,” he said.

The Mp took issue with that handling of violence in Matungu, London and Kissi during the by-elections was discriminatory.

“No one has opposed BBI  which will unite Kenyans but why can’t it start with this. It was one for the IEBC official to be beaten but also those who threw teargas could have been arrested,” said Moroto.

Speaking at Nasokol Primary school, Moroto called on Kenyans to tone down political rhetoric.
Moroto condemned violence in different parts of the country calling Kenyans to embrace peace.

“We don’t want to go where we came from. The 1992 clashes in West Pokot County affected education after teachers from other areas left,” he said.

He added that if the rising political temperatures will not be checked on time, the situation will worsen.

“ Innocent Kenyans are suffering because of bad politics. People don’t keep their promises. Why forget where you came from. We have seen the Moi Government and that of Kibaki government which had the best presidency,” he said.

Moroto cited that the 2010  constitution has not been implemented well.

“The 14 marginalized counties have not received the equalization fund. Creation of many positions like of the Prime minister and two deputies is not vital,” he concluded.

The by-election in Matungu foresaw two political muscles gauging each other for the 2022 generals elections. A number of cases ranging from voter bribery and harassment from police were also witnessed with politicians heating up the ground to protect the votes of their favored candidates.