Otuoma urges leaders to focus on service delivery

Paul Otuoma has urged elected leaders to focus on service delivery
Paul Otuoma has urged elected leaders to focus on service delivery

Former Funyula MP Paul Otuoma has urged elected leaders to ensure that they work for all citizens to achieve development without any discrimination. Addressing mourners in Aboloi, Teso North Constituency in Busia County during the burial of the mother of a politician Shem Isuba Papa, Otuoma said that issues of politics were concluded and he urged Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong to set his sights on serving residents to fulfil the goals of development.

“If you were elected in any capacity be it as an MCA, MP, Governor, Woman Representative you should know that all eyes are focused on you,” he said, “Therefore you have to work for the people who entrusted you with the responsibility and gave you that mandate.”

He, however, urged all leaders who lost in the 2017 general elections to do away with politics, accept and move on for the better of the country and unite to support the development being done by elected leaders. He also urged Busia Governor to involve all Busia residents in projects that are being done in the County.

“For those of us who contested during the 2017 elections and lost we are supporting elected leaders and we urge you to work for all residents and this does not mean that we are going to sit and watch you doing nothing, but we’d like to see all Busia residents are involved in development,” he cited.

He praised the peace handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, saying it restored peace. “I also laud the speeches they made during the funeral of Kenneth Matiba where they said that they want to ensure that they leave a country that is united, a country that every Kenyan from each tribe is proud of, this is what we want because if it will really be achieved then there will be jobs for our youths, better health care, good education, agriculture will improve,” said Otuoma.