Evans Matasi, principal Sipala Boys is laid to rest

He was the only chief principal in Bungoma County

Mourners lined up to pay their last respect to the fallen chief principal Mr. Evans Matasi, he was the only chief principal in Bungoma County/ Photo/ Nebert Wafula/ West FM

A Somber mood was witnessed at Sipala village as the only Chief principal in western region, the principal of Sipala boys high school Evans Matasi was, laid to rest as every speaker eulogize the good works he had done.

Mr. Matasi rose from a classroom teacher to the chief principal beginning his career at Baringo boys high school then transferred to Chavakali where he was promoted to be the deputy principal and was later transferred to head Emusire secondary school in Kakamega county.

Family members to the late chief principal /Photo Nebert Wafula/West FM
Family members of the late chief principal Mr. Evans Matasi /Photo Nebert Wafula/West FM


In Emusire he worked so hard and became the senior principal after having led the school to better performance both in academic and co- curricular activities.

He was transferred to Sipala from Emusire where his hard work earned him the chief principal title.

The funeral was attended by several political leaders from political divide who drummed support for their coalition.

Noah Wekesa speaking at the funeral /Photo/ Edwin Sasaka/ West FM
Noah Wekesa speaking at the funeral /Photo/ Edwin Sasaka/ West FM

Chairman of the Jubilee coalition that is set to be launched in March Noah Wekesa urged western region leaders to join the coalition now so that they may help form the next government and be part of it.

He said that the next elections are a two horse race between two national leaders president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga of CORD.

He said that the only way the Mulembe community can be part of the next government is by joining a winning team now without further delay.

Wekesa said that there is no doubt that JAP coalition will form the next government and it’s a wise decision for Luhyas to join JAP at this early stages because they will have a good opportunity to share the kill after elections with all other affiliated parties.

‘’We are appealing to our people to join this coalition, the doors are wide opened, when we win the next elections we stand a big chance of having a good share of the national cake,’’ he said.

Wekesa said that formation of JAP coalition is meant to unite Kenyans and come up with a national outlook party that will accommodate all Kenyans.

‘’We want our communities from the five counties in western to use our parties like UDF and NFK to join the JAP so that we all contribute in the Making of the next government.

‘’We as leaders from western who have decided to join JAP is because of the good of our community and  we have seen that Uhuru and Ruto will win the next elections and that’s the reason we want to be part of that government,’’ he said.

The former Kwanza MP dismissed allegations that the numerous trips he has lead Luhya community delegates to Surgoi are meant to go and collect goodies.

He said that Luhya communities have for long made poor decisions that have made them remain in opposition for a long time denying the region developments.

He went on to reveal that he will be vying for Trans Nzoia gubernatorial seat on a JAP party ticket in the coming general elections.

Dr. Noah Wekesa, called on all the Luhya leaders to come together and decide the way forward on Luhya politics, criticizing those leaders from Luhya land who have vowed to vie for presidency,

“I am calling upon our brothers, Moses Wetangula, Cyrus Jirongo, Musalia Mudavadi and any other who would want to be the head of state in this country, let us come together and know our political life ahead, we cannot be presidents all of us,” He said.

He defended himself with those leaders from New Ford Kenya who are ready to join Jubilee Party saying the intention of forming one party is to erase tribalism among Kenyans.

“The president chose me as the chairman of the party because I have experience of bringing people together and what we intend to do is do away with tribalism parties so that we can have one party that members will use to vie for different seats,” he added.

Eseli and Reginalda /Photo/ Edwin Sasaka/ West Fm
Tongareni MP Dr. Eseli and Bungoma County MP Reginalda Wanyonyi /Photo/ Edwin Sasaka/ West Fm

Tongaren Member of Parliament Dr Eseli Simiyu used the occasion to lash out at Jubilee affiliated party leaders from Bungoma County who have been sending congratulations messages to Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula after IEBC set him off the hook.

Eseli said that some of those leaders have been wishing Wetangula to be removed from the voters list and it’s hypocritical of them to send congratulations remarks and messages.

‘’We know very well that some of this leaders who are claiming to be congratulating the senator are the very same leaders who went to the courts after the march 4 2013 elections to petition the senators victory and even after the by elections they still followed him to the courts,’’ he said.

Eseli who is the Ford Kenya party secretary general urged leaders to join together and support each other when trouble befalls one of them instead of  being in front  line to wish one of them bad.

‘’As Ford Kenya we are very thankful for those who stood with us and supported the senator during all that trying moments and we also pray for those who were wishing the senator bad that the Lord may change their hearts and give them a human heart.’’ He said.

He said that as Ford Kenya party they are planning to hold major thanksgiving rallies across the county to give thanks to the residents who showed solidarity with Wetangula.

He urged residents who do not have identity cards to ensure they acquire them to get voters card so that they can participate in nominations to have Wetangula picked for presidency by CORD in the coming elections.

The Sirisia MP Waluke/ Photo/ West Fm/ file
The Sirisia MP Waluke/ Photo/ West Fm/ file

On the other hand Sirisia Member of Parliament who is also the chairman of ODM Bungoma county branch had a hard time to sell the Jubilee agenda after a section of residents heckled at him when he said Luhya region should support the JAP party in order to form government after the next election as they have in opposition for a long time and have gained nothing,

“Anybody who vies for presidential seat from our community should assure as of winning because it is not going to be business as usual for we have been in opposition for a long time and we can’t afford to continue being there when our people are suffering,” said emotional Waluke amid mixed reaction from mourners.

Waluke reiterated his commitment to work with the government so that his constituent can gain more development.

Bungoma county Member of Parliament Dr. Reginalda Wanyonyi condemned the Teachers Service Commission for not allowing the late Matasi to work in an environment he deserved,

“How can you transfer a chief principal to such a school, (Sipala) when we can get a school like Alliance, Kamusinga and others” she said.

She added that TSC has contributed to putting teachers in trouble, living a life they do not deserve because of frustrations, not giving them promotions they need, giving teachers transfers to places that are hectic just because of their differences.

The governor for Bungoma county Kenneth Lusaka speaking at the burial of the chief principal/Photo/Nebert/Wafula/West FM
The governor for Bungoma county Kenneth Lusaka speaking at the burial of the chief principal/ Photo/ Nebert/ Wafula/ West FM

Bungoma governor Keneth Makelo Lusaka said that it was unfortunate that some of the CORD members were doubting their congratulation messages relating to the case that was facing Bungoma senator Moses Masika Wetangula, terming it as a hindrance to the luhya unity,

“How do you expect us to unite if you as a leader doubt us when we congratulate our brother?” He asked

“I am the party leader of NFK and my brother Moses is the party leader of FK, I have always said that parties are like churches one has to choose any that he or she feels fit to join. At the end of the day we as a community shall sit on the table and see who has brought what for our people in terms of development” said Lusaka to the mourners.

The county chief requested the leaders to engage in meaningful politics that at the bend of the day will help the luhya community.

The ceremony was also attended by Bungoma county women representative Dr. Reginalda Wanyonyi, Bungoma MCA’s including nominated Martin Wanyonyi, Mihuu ward, John Weyusia Nanyakha Soysambu ward, Gershom Namasake Mitua ward, Henry Nyongesa Bumula MCA who is also the leader of majority in the county assembly of bungoma, Maraka ward Mca Ali Majani Mutoka and who is also the leader of minority and the speaker of county assembly David Makali among others who called for unity.

The late Evans Matasi was an uncle to Bungoma governor Ken Lusaka and he has left behind a widow and three daughters.