Mudavadi and Wetangula vow to deliver the Western vote

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and FK's Moses Wetangula.
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and FK's Moses Wetangula.

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi and his Ford Kenya counterpart Moses Wetangula have vowed to see to it that the Kenya Kwanza coalition delivers most seats in the Western region after candidates in the Kenya Kwanza coalition were cleared to vie in the August 9th General Elections.

Speaking after witnessing the clearance of Senator Cleophas Malala as gubernatorial candidate for Kakamega County on ANC ticket, Mudavadi said the Kenya Kwanza leaders in Western are ready and determined to sway the vote in their favour.

“All the Kenya Kwanza fraternity will now be part of the process to prove to the world and Kakamega that we have a very good team in the name of Cleo Malala and his Deputy and we are assured of victory on the 9th of August”, Mudavadi reiterated while assuring his supporters that they would indeed mop up support across the region to get most leaders from the Kenya Kwanza Coalition elected.

He said “those who are trying to use funny tactics, peddlers of false influence to try and undermine the candidacy of Cleo Malala that your schemes have been exposed and have failed, if you are running scared, run scared even more”

Mudavadi said there was an attempt to use the courts against Malala and Agoi in what he termed as awkward tactics but now said they had finally been cleared.

We are all going to rally behind Cleo Malala and his team all our Kenya Kwanza members of Parliament and MCAs and we are also going to campaign very vigorously for William Samoei Ruto so that on the 9th of August, victory shall be so decisive, extremely decisive, powerfully decisive to the extent that anybody who is going to contemplate going to court will find no basis whatsoever”, Mudavadi added while speaking outside the IEBC Kakamega offices just after the clearance of Malala and his running mate Dr. Beatrice Inyangala.

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula rallied voters in the Western region to vote in candidates in the Kenya Kwanza coalition saying ” Our governors of Kenya Kwanza have been cleared to run, Speaker Lusaka in Bungoma, Dr. Chris Wamalwa in Trans Nzoia, Agoi in Vihiga, now Cleo here (Kakamega) and we have Bunyasi in Busia. We also have our own Sakaja in Nairobi”

Wetangula made it clear to those he termed as their detractors saying they were up to the task to scamper their opponents in all directions to pave way for Kenya Kwanza’s victory.

“We are not anybody’s colony, we are not anybody’s extension, we are not anybody’s appendages, we are a proud community, we are a proud region” Wetangula added expressing confidence that the Kenya Kwanza campaigns around the country would grant their coalition victory.