Mudavadi calls for formation of team to compile BBI views, corrections

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi has called for the formation of a committee to receive final reactions and suggestions on the BBI report. The ANC party leader has acknowledged that the report, which was officially launched on Monday at the Bomas of Kenya, has several gaps that need to be addressed. “A small committee should be formed by the President to take final comments, to edit and make corrections on the document where necessary.”

Mudavadi made his reservations known at the Bomas, concerning independence of the Judiciary, the power of the Senate, the debt gap in Kenya, “The questionable parts are several, I couldn’t have mentioned all of them at the Bomas,” he added. He cited a case where an independent candidate finishes runner up in the Presidential elections, “Who will help that independent candidate set up as the leader of opposition, yet he has no party?” he posed, noting that he has read through the report and received views from other quarters too.

Different reactions have emanated from leaders since the report was officially launched on Monday. The prevailing view is that corrections need to be made and many points factored in a final draft. However, a section of leaders on Tuesday led by ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna intimated that the BBI report is final as it is and the window to present views and proposals was closed.