Mudavadi hits at the government over corruption.

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi
ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi gracing ICPAK event in Mombasa. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Amani National Congress ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi has reiterated the need to strengthen oversight institutions to empower them and tackle the continued run-away corruption that has beleaguered the country’s economy and development.

Mudavadi said increasing budgetary allocation to independent oversight institutions, like the Judiciary, Ethics and anti-Corruption Commission EACC, parliament, senate, and county assemblies will facilitate efficiency and integrity in the government.

Speaking in Mombasa, Mudavadi challenged the government to Eliminate corruption, nepotism, unjustified appointments in government institutions, so as to ensure effective development and instill public trust.

“We should empower and strengthen oversight institutions, like the parliament, senate, county assemblies and so that we can allow efficiency and integrity in the government,” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi was addressing journalists when he graced the ICPAK Conference on corporate governance and leadership in Mombasa where he castigated the jubilee government for being unable to stabilize the economy of the country.

Mudavadi said he is ready to bite the bullet to put the country in order, should he be elected the president in the incoming 2022 presidential elections.

Mudavadi pointed out that lack of integrity, massive corruption within government agencies have put the country in a very bad light.

“I am ready to bite the bullet and I can tell you people will be turning back to the right course, We must align ourselves that no single institution can blackmail the other, this is why under good management they will not be there,” said Mudavadi.

He listed numerous stalled projects, run-away debt from excess Borrowing, increase in inflation, high-interest rates, higher punitive taxation as well as lower planned GDP rate as some of the misses the government has failed to address.

“We have seen corruption cases in the courts that are lingering for over 15 years even if they are determined, they can’t capture a single line in a newspaper headlines because they are seen as outdated, and this is what has kept the public skeptical about the effectiveness of the government,” he added.

In reference to prolonged management challenges at the Kenya Airways KQ, ANC party presidential flag bearer said the government should have streamlined the management investigative agencies that were proactive to clamp on corruption deals.

Mudavadi also challenged Kenya Ports Authority to fast-track the appointment of a new managing director process so as to seal any possible corruption loopholes. The appointment of new KPA MD was annulled by Treasury after the names of proposed candidates failed to meet the threshold.

To tame the ballooning public debt, the ANC party presidential candidate said the party banking on the new public debt management Bill currently in the parliament, that when passed will create a debt management Authority.

The bill currently on third reading in the parliament was presented by Nambale Member of Parliament Sakwa Bunyasi and is expected to become a law by December 2021.

Bunyasi, who was in the company of Mudavadi yesterday said the public debt management bill currently being prepared will cure the Borrowing appetite by the government.

The bill also seeks to create a debt management Authority with a board in place to advise the treasury when seeking to borrow money. He expressed optimism that the bill will be a law by December this year after going through vigorous processes in parliament.

“There is no debt register to ensure transparency in bills; today we have disparities in borrowing. There should be openness so that we can be able to know how to manage it. The bill seeks to rationalize the government expenditures as well as place a debt ceiling that the government should not surpass,” said Sakwa.

“This bill has been read in parliament and serious amendments are being done after public participation, although we are hopeful that all the amendments will subsequently proceed to the third reading before it fully becomes a law,” Sakwa said.

The Member of Parliament defended the creation of a debt Authority saying its estimated cost is economically viable.

He said the estimated cost of the authority is sh 1.5 billion a figure termed reasonable as compared to currently overspending through public debts.

“A financial cost assessment was done by the central bank and setting up the bill will ensure little spending,” Sakwa said.

Mudavadi also called on the joint legal committees of the national assembly and the senate to fast track the constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2020, process saying it’s behind time, saying BBI will solve some of the problems including corruption.

ICPAK national deputy chairman George Mokua welcomed the creation of debt authority saying the institute will give its submission to the parliament ahead of the official unveiling of the report for third reading.