Mudavadi reveals opposition has the numbers to effect change

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi. FILE PHOTO

NASA leader Musalia Mudavadi has indicated that many Kenyans can still influence and change the current direction of the nation, given that the repeat poll indicated the opposition still has numbers. “In the sham election, the voter turnout was below 30 percent, meaning out there you had more than 70 percent of registered voters who stayed away from the voting process. That tells anybody who is keen with the political situation in the country they must take it seriously the fact that when faced with a referendum, Kenyans can make vital decisions concerning a new order,” he said. The motion concerning people’s assembly has been fronted in the County assemblies countrywide, and Mudavadi has said once Kenyans make up their mind after discussions and debates they can petition for the changes they want.

The NASA co-principal faulted the governance systems in the country aren’t heeding to the democratic processes anymore, saying Kenyans must not bury their heads in the sand but must have a closer look at the executive structure of the country which has become very exclusive. “We must look at how our institutions are being used to be involved in political matters like the police who have been very brutal and have forced certain issues,” he said, referring to the incidences of police brutality during the politically heightened period in the country.