Mudavadi sees DP Ruto as main competition in 2022, says aide

Deputy President William Ruto and ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/Courtesy

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi sees the Deputy President William Ruto as his main competition for the Presidential seat come 2022, according to the ANC leader’s advisor Eric Simiyu Wafukho. Mudavadi isn’t treating the DP as an ally, contrary to the notion which is growing in popularity with Kenyans. Speaking during an interview with West FM, Wafukho said the ANC leader has met leaders from different scopes in the political landscape, from KANU, Jubilee, Ford Kenya, the religious leaders, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and not just leaders allied to the Deputy President, brushing away any idea of a partnership forming ahead of the 2022 general elections, “He commands respect across and it’s not unusual for leaders to pay him a visit and compare notes of national concern.”

He said the Constitution blocks the DP from vying as a Deputy President and Musalia can’t settle for that, “Musalia cannot take up a DP role unless he wants to jettison his political future,” he said. He said Musalia’s team has taken note of DP Ruto’s organizational skills, work rate and fighting spirit, although he is his own enemy, playing by his over confidence and abrasive nature.

Wafukho dispelled the idea that ODM leader Raila Odinga will pose a high threat, saying Kenyans have been gripped by ‘Raila fatigue’ since he has gone for the top seat on several occasions, putting himself against former Presidents Moi and Kibaki, and President Uhuru Kenyatta, “Unless he has a mind blowing agenda that transforms the nation, he will have a rude shock if he tries.” However, he said the ODM leader can’t be written off, especially if he gets the support of President Kenyatta.

On the ongoing realignments, he said it’s not about coalition making but just jostling for personal space, citing that this happened in 2000 when NDP merged with KANU but the moment the flag bearer was named things fell apart. He said Mudavadi isn’t reaching out for political coalitions but is consolidating and expanding his support base. He also pointed out that the ANC leader supports the handshake if it was designed to unite Kenyans and address issues that affect them. He said was precipitated by botched and bungled elections, then IEBC reforms should be top of the agenda, “Right now, Jubilee is talking about the referendum. How do you carry out a credible referendum without reforming IEBC?” he posed.