Mulmulwas declares to unseat Poghisio

Mulmulwas declares to unseat Poghisio as battle for West Pokot County senate seat gets hot
Mulmulwas declares to unseat Poghisio as battle for West Pokot County senate seat gets hot

The Kijana Fupi Round ,Mulmulwas  fame Mr Dennis Ruto Kapchok has declared   his interest to unseat  West Pokot  Senator  Mr  Samuel Poghisio as the senate  seat race gets hot for the 2022  general elections.

The controversial politician of the Mulmulwas movement now says he will vie for the senate seat on the United Democratic Alliance [UDA]

Mr Kapchok   who was fierce critic of West Pokot  Governor  John Lonyangapuo’s administration and  later changed tune after   the two reconciled  gained popularity after    Governor    Lonyangapuo    in  2019    describing   him   as a”Kijana mfupi round’  huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi mgongo ni wapi  meaning a short person with a round figure after a video went viral on social media.

The two buried the hatched in 2020   hence the   differences shifted to Mr Poghisio who has also fallen out with Governor Lonyangapuo.

The  senate  battle has also  attracted heavy weights  ,former East Africa Member of Parliament  Augustine Monges Lotodo[Narc  Kenya]  former Kapenguria member of Parliament Rev Julius Murgor [UDA],West Pokot Pastoral economy County Executive member of Pastoral economy and  agriculture Mr  Geoffrey Lipale [KUP].

Mr  Kapchok, a self proclaimed  acting senator  is known for rabble-rousing and political antics often characterized with verb jibes directed at local leaders.

Last year detectives arrested  Mr.  Kapchok   in  Kapenguria  for allegedly defaming   the  senate majority leader after  putting   a post on  social media.

Speaking to the press in Kapenguria,Mr Kapchok  who said his objective  is to  push  the youth agenda   accused the senator for  failing  in  ensuring that the county gets more funds for development and is  now engaging in early campaigns that are not helping  locals .He said the senator has not been doing his oversight role and has been chronically absent in the County.

“We  have  not  been seeing the senator in the County .We need him to move around .Am the “acting” senator because the” sitting “seating” senator Poghisio, has deserted his duties in the County a long time ago,”said Mr Kapchok.

According to Mr Kapchok , the seat of the majority leader in the senate has not helped the North Rift region as   it did during the time of Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

“If it is speaking, Poghisio can speak but no actions. He won’t help Uhuru Kenyatta .We cannot bank on Poghisio .He is a self centered character,”he said.

He said that  Mr Poghisyo lacks the stamina and is not vibrant hence cannot command the region.

“It will be an anthill task for Mr Poghisyo to marshal votes for the handshake team  in the rich vote  Rift valley region. We have seen a   huge lapse on the senate seat in West Pokot.Am the acting senator now.

According to Mr Kapchok, the   senator has not been discharging his duties effectively as he  has  been absent from the County.

“Poghisyo is an empty shell, he could downplayed the offer  for solidarity with Rift valley people.Let him ask Franklin Bett ,Isaac Ruto, Henry Koskei, Magerer Lagat and others who refused to toe the line .We are waiting  for 2022 elections to teach him a lesson,”he  said.

The former Lelan ward MCA contestant   who was in Kanu   says he is ready to wrestle Mr Poghisyo who he says has lost touch with the people.

“Poghisio  is not aware of anything going on in the County.He has not presented any motion,bill or statement  from the County in the senate . Poghisio has not been coming home to discuss  issues affecting residents and present them to the senate,”said Mr Kapchok.

He accused Mr  Poghisio for abandoning the electorate in time of need.

“Poghisyo is a bygone case.We want vibrant,young energetic leaders, leader’s who can get Pokots from the york of poverty . We have not seen him in important forums like peace meetings and tragedies like landslides.  He was first elected to parliament in 1988 and has  taken national positions including  ,ministerial positions   hence the  senate majority leader but nothing to show off,”said Mr  Kapchok.

He vowed to finish  Mr Poghisio completely for  having a don’t care attitude.

“I will give Poghisio a run of his money .I will teach Poghisio a lesson he will live to remember with .Let him try and see.We will not entertain him to earn money he is not sweating for .He is lazy and sly. He claims that he is learned and he won’t care anymore,” said Mr Kapchok.

Mr Kapchok accused the senator for doing nothing for the many years he has been in leadership.

“The youth have not been given a chance to present their issues .We want to bring a debate on national discourse and present crucial    issues to transform young people.,” said Mr Kapchok.

He said that he will offer effective representation, legislation and oversight and bring policies  to transform the county if elected  for senate next year.

Mr Kapchok who defended the Deputy President Dr William Ruto   agenda of bottom up economy said that model will help Kenya push itself  to the  middle income  economy.

“We shall invest in investors .The trickle down effect  is not working ,the base of the bottom up economy is youth. The informal sector, ICT and innovative. We want the hustlers to be recognized by law,”he said.

Mr Kapchok who defended his move not to vie the seat on Kanu or the new Kenya Union Party [KUP] said that UDA  is  a national party  and it is not based on any tribe .