Mululu Pri. to take highest number of pupils to National Schools

Prof. Laban Ayiro adressing parents and other guests / Photo /Cotron Alumasa/West Fm

Mululu Primary Schools in Vihiga County tops Western region for producing many students who joined National Schools.

The School produced top student in the County, who was also among top 10 pupils in the Country.

Margaret Amwai scored 441 marks in the last year K.C.P.E examination and she has been called to join Alliance Girls High School.

Prof. Laban Ayiro adressing parents and other guests / Photo /Cotron Alumasa/West Fm
Prof. Laban Ayiro adressing parents and other guests / Photo /Cotron Alumasa/ West Fm


The last year class had 181 pupils, 115 got over 350 marks with a higher mini score than last year.

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The School has now 54 students who are going to join National Schools across the Country.

The School head teacher Mr. Kikhima Eboso said hard work, discipline and determination among the pupils, teachers and parents contributed a lot in the Schools good performance.

The School was established by the late Moses Budamba Mudavadi in the late 60’s and has continued over the years to produce good results.

Mr. Kikhima praised the School patron Musalia Mudavadi for offering financial support and making sure the school is well managed to remain at the top in the County.

Speaking during Parents day at the School over the Weekend the Chairman of Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESHA) Mr. Kakhi Indimuli who is also the Principal of Chavakali High School hailed the good performance posted by the School.

“The School has over many years produced excellent results and we must keep on supporting it to keep up the good work” Indimuli said.

He said Chavakali High School has admitted many of the students from the school and promised he will always give a chance to those with top marks to join the School.

Indimuli took issue with parents who are determined to make sure their Children get good results at primary level and ignore them when they join secondary schools saying it’s their mandate to follow them up till they finish their education.

“Many of the parents when their Children join high school they leave it there and expect these kids to continue performing well, parents must realize producing an all-round individual it’s a continuous processes” He said.

Professor Laban Ayiro from Moi University who was the Chief Guest at the event said the School has always put Vihiga County on the map by its good performance over the years.

Ayiro wants some of the well-known Schools in the County like Chavakali High School, Bunyore Girls High School, Nyang’ori Boys High School, Vihiga Boys High school and Kaimosi Girls High School to be well managed to make sure the culture of good performance is maintained.

He also encouraged parents to be part of the processes of molding their Children into responsible persons instead of leaving their responsibility to teachers in schools.

“The so called modern parenting is a late down in these Country parents have completely ignored their responsibility to teachers that’s why there is a rotten society emerging”

He said teachers cannot do everything in bringing up a person but parents must take up their duties and be responsible.

Ayiro encouraged parents at the school to work closely with the school management to make sure the School continues performing well.