Mumbo FM salaams club initiate development projects to better their lives.

A section of NDIMI CBO members
A section of NDIMI CBO members

Mumbo FM salaams clubs in Webuye East under Ndimi CBO have moved development to greater levels with the creation of development project that will steer their income.

Speaking during the merry-go-round for Simana Mumbo FM salaams club, the CBO chairman Ben Kisiang’ani appealed to the group to utilize the money they received from the CBO and other groups well by investing in viable projects that will uplift members and change their lives.

NDIMI CBO chairperson Ben Kisiang'ani
NDIMI CBO chairperson Ben Kisiang’ani

Kisiang’ani cautioned the groups against political interference especially during this electioneering period where politicians would want to use them to gain political mileage cautioning them that if they will allow it they will lose their focus on their set vision and mission.

He asked members to work together as a team and agree on the projects they would wish to initiate by using the funds they have.

Simana group chair lady Mrs.Catherine Kiliswa applauded other groups of Ndimi CBO for supporting them to realize their dreams and promised to utilize well the money they were given by buying sheep for each member as an income generating activity after using the last two past merry go round collected money for paying school fees for needy members’ children.

“We have in the past used the money for paying school fees for needy children of our group members and now we feel like using this money we have collected to buy sheep and goats for each member just for empowerment,” said Mrs Kiliswa.

Mrs. Kiliswa however, said they will be making monthly follow ups to make sure that beneficiaries are taking good care of the livestock and asked members to start preparing animal units that will prove that they will be able to manage the goats and sheep that they will receive from the group.

Catherine Kiliswa, chairperson Simana Mumbo FM salaams club
Catherine Kiliswa, chairperson Simana Mumbo FM salaams club

“The first test that you can manage the animals well we will give is preparing a unit for the same and we are planning to have the veterinary officers who will help us in getting the best breed for the members so that we take this project seriously and make sure that we achieve our goals,” added Mrs. Kiliswa.

Webuye CBO chairman David Makhanu appreciated the group for the good initiative and asked them to always work together for the sake of the group transparency and accountability.

” What has failed many groups is poor management of group finance where leaders would want to ignore the input of members when it comes to budgetary allocation of resources and that pulls down the morale of members and end up breaking once great group, ” said Makhanu.