Mumbo FM Tongaren Umbrella celebrate wedding

Wycliffe Sirengo and Gentrix Nafula at the wedding
Wycliffe Sirengo and Gentrix Nafula at the wedding

The wedding between Wycliffe Sirengo and Gentrix Nafula was marked with color as pomp with emphasis on love and care between couples, in a celebration attended by Mumbo Salaams Clubs fans. Speaker after speaker urged newlyweds to be patient with each other, support each other as well as endeavor to fulfill each other.

The couple have been married for the last 27 years and renewed their vows and commitment to each other at Maliki Friends church, in ceremony attended by a huge number of religious leaders.

Also present were community leaders and dozens of Mumbo FM clubs leadership from Tongaren Chapter, led by their Chairman.

The Tongaren Quaker Church Presiding Clerk Crispinus Sifuna who is also the Local branch Knut Secretary used the opportunity to call on the government to be ready to always consult teachers and parents  whenever it want to come up with any form of changes in the education sector.

He said that schools will be losing within weeks for the long holidays , asking parents to take good care of their children while at home. He asked those parents whose children are preparing to seat for exams to be supportive of their children to enable them perform better.

Pomp and color during the wedding ceremony
Pomp and color during the wedding ceremony

Mumbo FM Umbrella organization Tongaren Chapter Hosea Wenyanya was happy to see that apart from funerals, the chapter took a break to celebrate the renewal of vows of his members.

“This is the way to go, I encourage all members to support each other, stand by each other and together, we will be strong,” he said.

Margaret Nalyanya, the Upendo Group’s Chair said that it was a dream comes true. “We always wanted to at the forefront in the chapter to deliver progress. This is progress. We will deliver many more the coming months,” she said.

She said that success of the wedding of her treasure is a sign of good thing to come. “The good things are not just for Lukhokhwe community but for Mumbo family in general,” she concluded.