Mumbule dispensary in East Sang’alo to have a maternity ward

Bungoma Health CEC Dr. Anthony Walela during the ground breaking for the Mumbule maternity ward construction
Bungoma Health CEC Dr. Anthony Walela during the ground breaking for the Mumbule maternity ward construction

Mumbule residents in East Sang’alo ward, Kanduyi constituency in Bungoma County have been assured of quality medical services by the County government of Bungoma. Speaking during the official handing over of the site where a maternity ward will be constructed at Mumbule dispensary, the Bungoma CEC for Health Dr. Antony Walela stated how pregnant mothers have passed away during delivery in the recent past since they were travelling long distances to search for maternity services since the dispensary doesn’t offer the services.

“We have come here at Mumbule dispensary to hand over site for construction of a maternity ward that Mumbule and people within here need,” affirmed Dr Walela. In the past months we’ve lost three pregnant women, that is why we have decided to build this ward here so that expectant mothers can have a place to deliver than being referred to Mechimeru. The mothers who died were referred to Mechimeru, then later to Bungoma Referral Hospital.”

These sentiments were echoed by the Health Ministry Chief Officer in the County Patrick Wandili who promised more nurses will be availed at the facility.

Moreover, they appreciated Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and the area MCA for setting aside money for the project Kshs 2.3 million. “This project has taken much time, it was supposed to be done in 2019 but because of tendering and re-tendering processes we delayed to start it off, at least now we are here to launch and hand over the site to the contractor,” stated Wandili, adding that it will be vital for Mumbule residents.

The community urged the County government through the ministry of health to do away with a fee of Kshs. 1000, required before a patient is offered ambulance services when referred to another hospital. They thanked the County government for the project but urged the health ministry to build a house for nurses at the dispensary so that when there is an emergency at night, patients get services instead of travelling to search for same services in the neighboring health facilities.