Mumias East MP dismisses Jubilee rift talk

Mumias East MP Ben Washiali (left) has denied a Jubilee rift
Mumias East MP Ben Washiali (left) has denied a Jubilee rift

Mumias East MP and Jubilee Chief Whip in the national assembly Ben Washiali has dismissed claims that there are cracks and a division in Jubilee. The claims have intensified in recent weeks, with some leaders purported to be against the war on corruption which is being spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta. “Where there are two or three people, even in a homestead, there might be differing opinions on things, but that doesn’t mean the party is divided,” he said.

Speaking during an interview in Kakamega, he said the Jubilee members especially leader in the party, hold the view that the handshake shouldn’t go beyond the target to establish peace, because it will change into something else, “If it’s meant to bring peace and brings disagreements, then that handshake will lose meaning,” he said.

The MP added that the war on corruption must be done according to the law and that no leader should put pressure on the DCI to prosecute alleged culprits. “The law gives the DCI time to conduct his business, it might be two days or two months according to how weighty the investigation is. But as politicians, I can’t muscle my way through and declare that I’m giving the DCI to days, or one week as some of my brothers said.”

He said the leaders who are trying to pressurize the DCI can’t do the same for the EACC, given that it’s a different body and isn’t visualized as an individual as the DCI. “You cannot politicize the approach of EACC,” he said, “EACC and DCI must do their work but on the foundation of the law.”