Mungatsi residents call for arrest of suspect molesting young boys

Mungatsi residents address the media after the demonstration

Residents of Mungatsi market in Nambale sub county, Busia County held peaceful demonstrations demanding for the arrest of a man they accuse of sexually molesting young boys. Led by Christopher Butsunzu, the locals claim the man, who is in his early forties, lures the young boys into his bar located at the market with beer before he molests them.

What has angered residents the most is that the accused person goes ahead to record the illicit acts and shares the videos and pictures on social media, “We have been hearing rumors about this man sodomizing young boys but today we have got pictorial evidence he took and shared. We are saying no to this demonic acts in our midst,” they said. They’ve also alleged that another village elder from Masinde village also engages in the act, “This is not the only person, we also have another village elder from Masinde who sleeps with fellow men in the village.”

Their fear is that the vices are likely to cause more harm to youths in the area, “The victims can develop body complications or get infected with dangerous diseases which cost a lot of money to treat.” 
They have called on the police to intervene by arresting the two accused persons, “Homosexuality is not recognized in our constitution and we appeal to the police to act with speed and arrest these two people.”