Mudavadi ramps up support for presidential bid

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi
ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi

Amani National Congress party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has appealed to CORD leaders to stop the talk and support him for his presidential bid to unseat the Jubilee Government in the coming general Elections. He said he is the only weapon that can be used to oust Uhuru’s administration out of power. “If you want the Jubilee government sent packing by 8am on August 8, 2017, we have one weapon against this frightful regime–that weapon is Musalia Mudavadi. We have no time to argue. I am willing, ready and rearing to go,” Mudavadi said.

He said Jubilee is weak, claiming that the law that stops party-hopping will only work against them. He said many who had defected to Jubilee are turning back in droves adding that they were deceived that a new party was being formed, and they even believed they will be made official owners of the party.

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi addresing mouners at the funeral
ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi addressing mourners at the funeral

“The officials of JAP were recycled to JP. They now know that if KANU had owners, Jubilee is a landlord who locks you out for higher rent,” said Mudavadi. He asked Vihiga residents to allow

He asked Vihiga residents to allow him to go hunting for votes outside the region saying he needs support from other parts of the Country.

“I ask you, people of Vihiga, to let me look for votes elsewhere. I know you always want me around here but I have got to add to our numbers. I will be away most of the time but remember where we are going,” the ANC party leader said.

He told the crowd to let nobody use his name to stop others from joining ANC. Noting that he does not have preferred candidates. “I will not choose ANC candidates. ANC members will freely choose candidates through democratic nominations,” Mudavadi reiterated. He thanked the MCAs and MPs in western who have already registered with ANC.

“You have only thirty days from today to join ANC. You should know and feel where the wind is blowing to now. You should know by now that nobody is leaving ANC. Instead, thousands are joining ANC, don’t be left behind. Make ANC your first choice, not the second choice. We will soon have a big welcoming party in Nairobi for all ANC aspirants,” Mudavadi said. Mudavadi said these when addressing mourners at Vihiga Senator George Khaniri’s nephew at Serem in Vihiga County.