Musalia Mudavadi urges Luhya leaders to be cautious

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi in Vihiga County (past function)- photo courtesy
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi in Vihiga County (past function)- photo courtesy

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has called on Luhya leaders to be watchful and shun using abusive language while addressing citizens during their campaigns.

Mudavadi who spoke on Crossfire program at West FM, said some leaders are being used politically to belittle leaders from the region because of other people’s interest.

‘‘Let us be cautious while speaking to our people, I understand we have leaders who are shifting from one party to another because of their corrupt history, they think they will be safeguarded when they join the other camp because their files are at EACC and DCI  offices’’ he stated

He said their decision with Ford Kenya party leader to join hands with the Deputy President and form Kenya Kwanza coalition was out of deep consultation and good will from their followers.

Mudavadi cautioned the government on the issue of trying to change the transmission system of votes during the general election.

“The government should not change how votes will be transmitted during the August polls from electronic to manual because that will raise eyebrows on the timings, why now? Is there anything that is happening we don’t know? We do not want a repeat of the 2007/8 post election violence,”he posed.

The ANC leader said the government has borrowed a lot leaving a burden to tax payers, citing that the infrastructure in the country has been improved by the government of the day.

“This government has borrowed more than expected, and that means the next government, our Kenya Kwanza government will have to find a way of paying those debts that has so far accumulated.” He noted.

Mudavadi however, urged the government through the Ministry of Education to invalidate the decision of starting Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) saying it has affected most parents who cannot afford.

“The idea of CBC was a noble idea but the stakeholders in education sector were not involved fully hence facing challenges that could be solved if they were part of the decision making,” he observed

He has called on Kenyans to get the Covid-19 jab so that they won’t be greatly affected by the virus.