Nabulindo tells Matungu aspirants to shun divisive politics

Matungu ANC aspirant Peter Oscar Nabulindo in Mumbo FM studio during interview

Matungu constituency parliamentary aspirants in the coming by-election have been asked to highlight their agenda to Matungu residents during their campaigns and do away with divisive politics. Speaking on Mumbo FM during a live interview, ANC aspirant Peter Oscar Nabulindo urged Matungu residents to elect a leader who has a development agenda and one who has their interest as he condemned the violence that was in one of the funerals between his supporters and ODM supporters.

“In politics, you can’t use force  to lure voters, Governor Oparanya brings reinforcement officers in functions like the incident that happened in  a certain funeral few weeks ago anybody who was not Were’s supporter was beaten up, people were beaten, we ran for our dear lives since those reinforcement officers were in green uniforms and were armed with clubs and you know you can’t fight with a person who is armed and yet you have nothing to use to defend yourself, they began chaos and caused fracas in a funeral, but I always tell my fellow politicians that let us campaign by telling out our agenda and manifesto  to Matungu voters, let us shun divisive politics,” said Nabulindo.

Nabulindo criticized Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya for forcing and threatening County government employees from Matungu to campaign and vote for his preferred candidate instead give them a chance democratically to vote for the candidate they want.

“Governor Oparanya threatens County employees that if anyone is found supporting Nabulindo will be fired, even if one shows signs of supporting Nabulindo will be sent to his/ her house and beaten up. He started with County officials, employees, contractors, anybody close to him and gave them instructions that they must support, campaign and vote for Were because is an ODM candidate, it is wrong, Governor is our leader and whatever he does surprises me he knows very well that every Kenyan citizen has a democratic right to elect a leader of his/ her choice nobody has powers to impose a leader on people,” he alleged

He however condemned Oparanya for using the county’s revenue to campaign in Matungu and urged the office of the Auditor General to do a thorough investigation into the matter.

“County government’s tax is misused in Matungu, contractors were forced to give between Kenya shillings 5 million to ten million to be used  in Matungu campaigns, people are not happy since public resources are being misused, county government’s vehicles are all over in Matungu on campaign trails, everyday money from the county is poured in Matungu carried in sacks as they take people to Mumias cultural center and be dished with Kenya shillings 500, some are given Kenya shillings one thousand, some are taken to Kabula and are given this money, others are assigned to walk during night hours in people’s homes and distribute money, bribing people so that they cannot have an independent mind to elect their preferred candidate,” claimed Nabulindo.

“We have noted this and we have already written to the auditor general and launched an official complaint, we want action to be taken against Oparanya, that money he is using to bribe voters should instead be used to supply oxygen in Matungu Hospital ,” he added

He asked Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi not to hurry in matters politics but take time and hold a meeting with Western leaders and agree on who will be the flag bearer in the coming general elections and told him not to accept it to be used as a project to divide Luhya votes.

“Mukhisa has been outside the country for long, let him relax first and call western leaders, let him call Wetangula, Musalia and other leaders and ask them what they can do to get a seat so that they can have a bigger bargaining power, you can’t just come back in the country not even knowing where the sun rises from, you don’t know the problems people are facing and you declare publicly that you want to vie for the presidential seat, whose president? Let him come slowly and start from the grassroots, ask other leaders where they have reached and what they are doing, we have reliable information that he has been fronted by ODM to bring confusion in western so that western can’t unite, we know that and what he is planning and let me assure him that he won’t manage,” he affirmed.