Nafula Maryvelma among Bungoma top KCSE performers

KCSE Bungoma
From left, Mrs. Judith Nalianya (mother), Nafula Maryvelma, Mr.Gregory Nalianya (father) and her brother

Nafula Maryvelma emerged among the top students and well performers in Bungoma County with a grade A (plain) of 82 points in the recent released KCSE results.

Speaking at West media studios in an interview, the Student who is now an alumnus to St.Brigid’s Girls high school Kimnini in Bungoma County, thanked the Almighty God for what she termed a dream come true in her journey towards her future success.

She cited discipline and hard work as the key pillars that led to her success in her education in addition to the encouragements from her teachers and family members at large.

Nafula also thanked the school management at large for the support it accorded to her as she said that the environment was conducive for her studies.

KCSE Bungoma
From left, Mrs. Judith Nalianya (mother), Nafula Maryvelma, Mr.Gregory Nalianya (father) and her brother

“Our school library was well equipped with enough reading materials such as books, revision materials including past papers and this made us not to only rely on what the teachers taught us but also add more knowledge to our understanding.” she said.

Her parents expressed their joy upon the success of their daughter claiming that each and every child whether a boy or a girl has equal rights to education.

Mr.Gregory Nalianya, the father concurred with his daughter’s sentiments that discipline and hard work are the key pillars any child can use to excel in his or her studies.

They urged all parents in Bungoma and Kenya at large to invest in their children’s education as the only way to secure their future life.

Nafula’s mother, Mrs. Judith Nalianya added that trust and believe in God through prayers is what made them grow and stand together as a family to make sure that good guidance is given to their daughter even as she was out of their sight.

According to Nafula, there were many challenges she underwent as a student, she started by highlighting the major one which was the nationwide teachers strike that paralyzed education in the country for more than one month.

However she said that a straight focused student should not feel relaxed and do nothing when such a scenario strikes.

She explained how she seized the opportunity and did constructive studies that led her be among the top performers.

Nafula now looks forward at joining the best university in Kenya in the move to follow the footsteps of her uncle who is a professor and her elder brothers and sisters who are in the institutions of higher learning.

She aims to be one of the best engineers in the world and believes that her dream will be fulfilled as she waits to join the institution of higher learning.

She finalized by urging those who might have scored below their expectation not to give up as education has no limit and that one’s life is not defined by the grade he or she scores but the determination they have in life.