Nairobi county government currently working to bring order in the city

Jonathan Mueke addressing the media
Nairobi county deputy governor Jonathan Mueke addressing members of the fourth estate

The Nairobi City County government has deployed 700 enforcement officers in the City to ensure order and sanity through a formed sub-committee.

The sub-committee has resolved that all county staff responsible for enforcement will be assigned specific roles and duties to perform.

This is according to Nairobi deputy governor Jonathan Mueke as he spoke to members of the press in Nairobi last week on Wednesday.

Mueke also said that the county government is currently constructing a Ksh. 200 million rehabilitation centre in Ruai to cater for all street families in an effort to observe sanity and to ensure the safety of pedestrians who lose their valuables to street children is guaranteed.

nairobi county government officials during the press conference
Officials of the county government of Nairobi, who accompanied the deputy governor during the address.

The deputy governor explained that the process of proper garbage disposal is going to be observed keenly and there is currently continuous effort to restore order and tranquility in the city by dealing away with persistent matatu and boda boda obstruction.


“Traffic nuisances and matatu violations, for instance loud music and illegal road side users will be dealt with immediately “, said Mr. Mueke.

Nairobi deputy governor highlighting ongoing issues in the city currently
The Nairobi County governor was keen to highlight the measures being taken to ensure peace and tranquility prevails in the city

Mueke emphasized that the anti-dumping team is also on high alert to see to it that no dumping is done illegally, and failure to deliver fully will see more staff sent home.

The officers have been sensitized in a bid to clear the menace of overlapping matatus and  ensure the safety of motorists. All hawkers have been directed to carry out their trade affairs in markets which include Gikomba, Muthurwa among others to avoid obstruction in the City.

Illegal structures and illegal car washing near the city are other issues of concern highlighted by the Deputy Governor saying that all this must end to make Nairobi a more admirable city globally.